Questioning Cultural Diplomacy

Swedish Cultural Diplomacy is a government run transmedia program, partly based on the ambition to internationalize Swedish culture. Judging from Kulturrådsbloggen – the cultural attachés’ blog – the cultural attaché appear as bound to a particular cultural infrastructure. This infrastructure consists of the embassy, the concert hall, the opera, the theater, the museum and the gallery and the library. Their main forms of mediation seems to be conferences, concerts, theater plays, art exhibitions, film screenings and formal meetings, and the digital promotion around these.


What are they mediating? What kind of narratives do they attend to, or disrupt or build consensus on through those methods in those spaces? Which histories are told and/or retold through this infrastructure? What precisely is diplomatic about Swedish cultural diplomacy, and the cultural attaché’s work in particular? How do we locate or identify the diplomatic aspect in the content of their work? What are the results of Cultural Diplomacy? How does cultural diplomacy deal with structural discrimination in Sweden? Who reads Kulturrådsbloggen?

What informs Cultural Diplomacy?

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