In March of 2019, the Ministry of Culture announced a vacancy: cultural attaché (kulturråd) at the Swedish Embassy in Beijing, China. The announcement had a job description and clues about what was expected of the applicant, in terms of skills and prior experiences. It was abstract enough to entice a diverse group of professionals. Among the tasks mentioned were: promoting Swedish culture and democratic values, and stimulate intercultural dialog between the independent cultural life in Sweden and China. The formal application required a demonstration of one’s knowledge of Swedish cultural policy, and a description of one’s significance to the cultural life of Sweden.

My name is Ezana Mussie and I’m a music producer, independent researcher and artist based in Malmö, Sweden (tnnlvsn.se). This site is the hub for DIY Cultural Diplomacy – a transmeedia project about appropriating Swedish cultural diplomacy.

DIY Cultural Diplomacy expands the notion of diplomacy and explores how we can implement it in our everyday, as unaccredited and informal but most importantly diverse acts of diplomacy

DIY Cultural Diplomacy explores, cultivates and aspires to expand the capacity to be Hip Hop

A good place to start is to check out the blog posts (especially the one linked below) and the archive. You can also follow the process on VSCO, GoodReads and YouTube. Feel free to roam this site and don’t hesitate to get in touch with questions, suggestions and comments!

DIY Cultural Diplomacy is supported by Kulturbryggan and formally ends when epistemic justice has been served!