An Alternate History of the World’s Music

Imagine an anthology of 20th-century music making that purposely ignored pop, rock, jazz, blues, country, classical and opera. Cue outrage, at least from English-speaking listeners. But away from the western canon that has come to dominate our conception of music-making, much of the world was busy creating swathes of very different, extremely beautiful music.

Garth Cartwright

Who Are You Writing For?

Do you have a reader in your mind when you write?

No, you can’t have that.

So it’s quite unlike preaching?

Entirely. The two roles are completely unattached. When you are standing in the pulpit, you must sound as though you know what you’re talking about. When you’re writing, you’re trying to find out something which you don’t know. The whole language of writing for me is finding out what you don’t want to know, what you don’t want to find out. But something forces you to anyway.

[ James Baldwin, in “The Art of Fiction No. 78”, Paris Review, Issue 91, Spring 1984 ]

Source: Daana Townsend – @retrosoul

Physicality: A Dialog Between Two Monks

For a few years now I’ve been studying spatiality and urban space. This year I’ve been particularly interested in embodied knowledges, mobility and access to space. Because of travel restrictions and constrained mobility on a global scale, one of the main strategies of this project evaporated. Therefore I’ve been thinking …

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Arrested Development: Appropriation, Covid-19 and What’s Next

Previously on DIYCD: Apart from accumulating, arranging and producing cultural content, time is inevitably devoted to figuring out how to maneuver in this new predicament, as it modifies institutionalized routines, expectations and possibilities on a day-to-day basis. It demands that we adjust, but for how long? At what point does …

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Kool Mo Dee x Chuck D

S/o to Roine SexFemman Borgstrand for showing me this one! Listening to OGs talk and share their reflections on their experiences of living and working with Hip Hop is invaluable. The particularities of their histories help calibrate our attitude and relationship to many of the caricatures and meta narratives about Hip Hop that distort the trajectory of the culture.

Head over to Bars Finns for a great selection of pedagogical Hip Hop material!